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  • We want to make identifying your body shape and getting it right as clear as possible, so that every piece you invest in feels like it was made with your body in mind. We want to help you identify your body shape to help you pick the right outfit every time.. Style is about aesthetics and balance. It's all very good if something 'catches your eye', but how can you create a well-balanced silhouette if you don't know what shape your body is? If you don't know this, you will wear the wrong clothes for your body shape. Your body will likely look unbalanced. Following are important consideration while choosing an outfit

    • Silhouette
    • Inside lines - shape of collar, pockets, cuff, prints etc.
    • Colour
    • Placement of horizontal lines
    • Placement of vertical lines
    • Prints and design detail
    • Measurements Type
    • Fill your Bust Size
    • Fill your waist Size
    • Fill your hips Size


    • Create a balance by layering your upper body. If you wear skinny fit shirts and tops it visually throws off your balance making your bottom half look bigger than it is

    • Light weight cardigans, shrugs and jackets that stop above the hip work best. Tailored styles work well too, as they emphasise your upper body.

    • Ideal sleeve length -Three-quarters, preferred Neckline - Off the shoulder, boat-neck tops, wide V or U necks all look great on you.

    • Flattering Silhouettes - A-line and flared cuts such as skater dresses, peplum tops, Fit and flare dresses which fall below your hips work well in highlighting your small top half, while flattering your bottom..

    • Trousers/ Bottom wear - Bootcut styles work best in trousers. The slight flare helps to balance out curves, especially if you wear them with a heel to give your legs a little length. Go for dark, medium rise jeans with simple stitching and pockets in the back. If you have small knees and calves, slim fit styles also work well paired with long line tops.

    • Fabrics - Think flowing, not clinging fabrics


    • The key to dressing an Oval body type is to de-emphasize your midsection and create a more defined waist. choosing clothing that add curves and fullness to your lower body and tops that taper to a waist.

    • The most common mistake in dressing an Oval body shapes is trying to cover up your frame instead of showing off the best assets.

    • Showcase your neckline in V necks, Scoop necks, Square necks and Cowl necks. Plunging necks and details around the neck are most flattering.

    • Tops with elasticated waistbands are great for creating volume and disguising your tummy.

    • Empire line and bias cuts are fantastic for nipping you in under the bust and skimming over your mid-section.

    • Put the focus on your gorgeous legs in high-waisted A-line dresses.

    • Wide-leg, flowing pants are very flattering on your body type. Wide-leg dress pants with prominent back and/or side pockets will add curves to your hips

    • Light layers such as open front kimonos, capes and cardigans help streamlining your silhouette.

    • Tailored jackets with wide-stance collars, a nipped-in waist and flared bottom. The first button should be below your bust


    • Look for tops that will accentuate your waist and maintain the balanced look of your figure. Such as Belted tops, Tops with banding or nipping at the waist, form-fitting, Wrap-style tops, Tailored shirts and jackets.

    • Look for belted jackets, trench-style coats, or other fits that draw in toward the waist. Short jackets that stop just above your hips accentuate your curves in a flattering way.

    • Wrap dresses pull the fabric in at the skinniest part of your waist, drawing the focus to your waist without adding any extra volume to your bust.

    • Look for V-necks, V-neck halters, sweethearts, and scoop necks. Narrow necklines slim down your bust, keeping it looking balanced, and low necklines draw the eye closer to your narrow waist. Avoid wide necklines like boat necks and squares, since these tend to make you look top heavy.

    • Pants with wide waistband are very flattering on your body type. Pair straight-leg pants with a form skimming top or cargos with a fuller top to maintain your hourglass proportions.

    • Wear skinny jeans with banded, belted or not-to-tight body skimming tops.

    • Figure skimming and pencil skirts of all lengths look good on your figure. Full skirts are flattering when paired with a top that adds fullness to your bust and shoulders while accentuating your waist. This look creates a very dramatic hourglass effect.


    • Simple, and minimalist cuts look fabulous on you.

    • The key to dressing is to opt for clean lines, angled shapes and structured fabrics that flatter your figure rather.

    • Tops with breast pockets, front pleats and ruffle details that will give your bust a boost.

    • When it comes to jackets, look for boyfriend cuts that will complement your straight silhouette.

    • Wide leg trousers look great on you, as they add curve and volume to your lower body.

    • For a more feminine look, optical illusion dresses that create curves with clever print, design and colour blocking are perfect for you.

    • Empire lines look good, along with A-line skirts which create a shapelier bottom half.

    • Fabrics like silks and chiffons that gently drape add softness and femininity to your look.


    • Your aim is to add volume to your lower half, using clever tailoring to balance your wide upper body in comparison with narrow lower body.

    • V-necks or soft, draped necklines help soften a strong frame. Try loose, feminine sleeves rather than fitting ones.

    • For trousers, go for long, loose palazzo styles over skin tight styles. Your goal is to look for styles that make your lower body look bigger (yes really).

    • Select embellished styles when it comes to dressing your lower half but keep it minimal above the waistline. Darker colours above and brighter below help create a more balanced look.

    • Wrap dresses or optical wrap dresses are good for figures with a fuller upper body or broader shoulders.

    • The lower part of the dress is slightly looser which balances out the difference in proportions between your upper and bottom half. In addition, looser and feminine sleeves will conceal the upper arms.

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